Pink Hijab Day

Global Pink Hijab Day is an initiative that began as an experiment by founder, Hend El-Buri and a group of high school students in Columbia, Missouri. It was intended to remove stereotypes of Muslim women by having Muslims engage in dialogue about breast cancer awareness, joining walks in groups while wearing pink headscarves, and holding other events promoting awareness and support for the cause.

Global Pink Hijab Day is a global movement, with many participants including men who wear pink kufis (or skull caps) to celebrate breast cancer awareness. It takes place at many Islamic schools and student organizations throughout North America.

Many MSA’s all over Canada participate in PHD every October, which coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. MSA UBC held its first Pink Hijab Day in October 2010, with the aim of becoming more involved in outreach work, and at the same time educating the general public regarding the reasons for wearing the Hijab, and refuting some common misconceptions about women in Islam.

MSA UBC set up booths and decorations inside and outside the Student Union Building, where sisters wore pink (i.e. the official colour for breast cancer awareness) hijabs, while brothers sported pink scarves.


Girls had the chance to stop by the booth and try on pink hijabs and purchase them, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). We also gave out candy, and had a big poster board where people could show their solidarity by writing supportive comments. Moreover, we raised over $1000 in donations (all in one day) for CBCF!

Don’t miss out on PHD 2011, coming October 26th  insha’Allah.  Visit our booths  located inside and outside the SUB!

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