United Islam Awareness Week!

The Muslims Students’ Association at the University of British Columbia will be hosting the 8th Annual United Islam Awareness Week (United IAW) from January 20-24th on campus. United IAW is a collaborative effort in conjunction with five universities across three provinces, bringing together hundreds of University students, faculty, staff and people of all walks of life both on and off campus to be enlightened by a week-long event to better understand Islam and Muslims. This year’s theme is Radical Islamic Honesty: Speaking Truth to Everyone. Stay tuned for more details as we approach this great annual opportunity to broaden the horizons on Islam and Muslims for all Canadians!


A Call for Ajr!


In order to conduct such an amazing event, MSA UBC is recruiting volunteers, as well as requesting funds for this upcoming project!


We’re calling all volunteers to come out and support us throughout the week as we put on exciting dawah exhibits and evening lectures with highly qualified keynote speakers. We’re looking for committed individuals who are passionate about sharing the truth about our beautiful deen!


“Invite (mankind, O Muhammad SAW) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islam) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Quran) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better.” [Quran, 16:125]


*Note: You do not have to be an MSA Member or UBC student to apply.


Link to Volunteer Sign Up Form:

 Click here  for the form


Request for Funds!


Volunteering isn’t the only way of acquiring Ajr from this project. We as the MSA are also requesting financial assistance. As of current, the MSA UBC needs to raise $3000 by January 15th to ensure that this event runs as smoothly as possible. In the Quran it states, “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He wills. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower.” (2:261). The beauty of donation according to the promise of Allah is that you receive more fiscally by donating wealth. Another mention of the beauty and blessings of donation is the Rasul (SAW) stating “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” Not only will you receive more in this world for your contributions, but you will be protected from the immense heat awaiting all of us on the day of judgment.


With that being said, we humbly request you to consider donating to this beautiful cause. You may send an E-transfer to askmsaubc@gmail.com or contact us via email/Facebook to make alternate arrangements. May Allah (SWT) reward you for your generosity!