Jummu’ah Prayers 


Time and Location

Jumu’ah prayers are held at Marine Drive Residence Ballroom at 1:10 pm (all-year)


Asalamualaykum everyone.
In Shaa Allah, this week we will be starting 2 Jumah Prayers at UBC. Both will be held in the Hong Kong BallroomMarine Drive on Friday, 7th August

First Salah:

1 pm – Doors open
1:10pm – Doors close
Second Salah:
1:50 pm – Doors open
2 pm – Doors close
Brothers will be NO LONGER be given priority admittance for EITHER prayer.

REMINDER: only the first 30 individuals will be permitted for each salah.  You MUST adhere to these GUIDELINES STRICTLY if you wish to attend the Jumah Prayers. FAILURE TO COMPLY MAY RESULT IN ATTENDEES BEING ASKED TO LEAVE.



Jumu’ah Location Guide: